Taryn Starr is a professional HonkeyTonk Pianist and Jazz singer-songwriter who loves people and music.

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To be updated!

I am currently relocating to the Dallas Fort Worth area (December 2022). Look forward to updates on my new gigs!

Photos by Rachel Enos Photography
  • Paths
    God, I repent for any fear and unbelief I have held onto that I would or could not change. Remove any doubt from your calling on my life and make my anointing clear. Clear my path, God! Help me make decisions that leave my paths as clear as the day! God, your business is inContinue reading “Paths”
  • The Musician
    My family has been described by a close friend as the closest living likeness to the Von Trapp family. The Von Trapp family was a family where all the members were singers and used their gifts to great effect to escape persecution during World War II. Although we are not all professional singers, all sevenContinue reading “The Musician”

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About Me

June 1, 2022

Taryn Starr is a Honkytonk pianist who draws from current and classic singers and musicians.